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Increase conversions by providing patients reviews they can trust

Did you know that 70% of consumers read online reviews before taking the next step towards conversion? This includes patients looking for a provider. People want to know how they’ll be treated before walking into a provider’s office, and online ratings and reviews are one of the easiest ways to get that information.

On the other side of the same coin: reviews provide valuable information to help you improve. The more high-quality reviews you can generate, the better insight you have into you’re doing right, and what areas of your company need attention, so you can fine-tune your processes, improve the patient experience, and increase profitability.

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The more reviews, the better

When consumers look at reviews, they pay most attention to the overall star rating. Research shows that the average consumer won’t trust a star rating unless she sees at least 34 total reviews. That level of trust only increases the more reviews a company has across major online platforms.

We also know that the vast majority of online reviews are positive. Increasing your portfolio of online reviews can increase your overall rating while also ensuring that the occasional negative review has less effect on your high overall rating.

Cultivate a consistent inflow of 100% verified reviews

A high volume of reviews is only helpful if those reviews are trustworthy.  Unverified reviews are not only useless for your company in terms of gaining real insight into patient experiences, but they can also turn potential patients away. Unfortunately, most public-facing sites do little to ensure that reviews are left by actual patients.

Vizium360® solves this problem by generating a consistent inflow of reviews from actual patients. We survey patients at key points in the care process, when patients can offer the most accurate feedback about their experience.

Our anonymous survey process doesn’t just get more feedback, it gets better feedback

Patients can remain completely anonymous, so they feel free to be honest and thorough in their feedback. Anonymity also increases the number of patients who allow their reviews to be made public. This alone can effectively increase your reviews presence online.

Our proprietary publishing tools maximize this presence by helping your verified reviews and star ratings show up in more places, including Google search rankings. As a result, more patients see your positive, verified reviews, helping your quality stand out and creating the optimal environment for conversion. With increased conversions, you get more meaningful feedback to further fine-tune the patient experience.

Vizium360® helps you get the reviews consumers want before choosing a provider, while giving you the reliable feedback you need to maximize the patient experience.

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