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Taking a 360 degree approach to maximize patient feedback

Why Choose Us: At Vizium360®, we believe taking a holistic approach in today’s healthcare environment is the only way to ensure a positive experience for all stakeholders and, most importantly, the patient. A 360 degree approach enables the organization to connect with its patients on a meaningful level. We love data, and we know real patient feedback is the most effective driver of organizational change and success.

Giving the doctor visibility into the patient experience

Why Choose Us: Vizium360® is an enterprise platform that helps healthcare providers capture patient feedback and convert it into usable data. Rather than being in the dark and guessing about how to improve patient satisfaction, you initiate change specifically identified by your patients. With full visibility, your organization can better understand your patients’ thoughts and needs. Furthermore, it assists organizations in adjusting its care and communication based on real patient feedback.

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Why Choose UsVizium360® gave me a window into the mind of a patient who might otherwise not book surgery and allowed me another swing at the ball. I called her and found out that it is really her husband that is the problem. However, we talked through everything and ended the call with her saying there is a 99% chance she will book surgery.

Even though Maryellen, my surgical coordinator follows up with all consults shortly after we see them, this is a less threatening, somewhat third-party approach to find out if there is anything that might be keeping a patient from moving forward. The potential economic impact of such a process is tremendous.”

—Mark D. Epstein, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon & Director, Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Long Island, NY

Giving the patient visibility into the practice

Why Choose Us: Consumers use ratings and reviews to select healthcare providers every day. Providers are understandably concerned about this trend. The dominant consumer sites attract negative reviews, which unfairly hurts the provider, and some manipulate positive reviews in ways that can mislead the consumer.

By surveying 100% of your patients, Vizium360® harvests the positive reviews dormant in the majority of your patient base. Because these reviews are real, it’s a trusted and transparent source of information.

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Helping you showcase your quality

Why Choose Us: Vizium360® gives you control of the presentation of your organization and providers. Our algorithms calculate ratings on a 1-5 scale. These, and associated patient reviews, are pushed daily to your private cloud-based portal. Within the portal, our proprietary publishing tools allow you to view and select ratings and reviews to publish on your website(s) and other key industry sites. Our reputation management tool trolls 70 consumer review sites (including Yelp and Healthgrades) and monitors reviews left by your patients. It also finds where reviews are needed to increase your presence or counteract any negative online activity. We round it out by optimizing provider ratings and reviews to show up in organic search results, where they can attract consumers at critical points in the decision making process, helping you generate more leads for your providers.

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Help your customers choose the very best in care—and watch it pay off

Why Choose Us: Vizium360® gives you a more complete view of patient satisfaction ratings and the power to use them more effectively to drive success—for your providers, your stakeholders, and your patients. Contact Vizium360® today and start making feedback matter.