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What our current Vizium360® members are saying about us:

RealPatientRatings® is the only “advertising” I do. Almost every new patient who calls said they looked at the reviews and that is why they chose me. Best investment!”

—Dr. Deborah Bash, plastic surgeon in private practice

“Vizium360® gave me a window into the mind of a patient who might otherwise not book surgery and allow me another swing at the ball. This is huge! I called her and found out that it is really her husband that is the problem, but we talked through everything and ended the call with her saying there is a 99% chance she will book surgery.

Even though Maryellen, my surgical coordinator, is conscientious to follow up with all consults shortly after we see them, this is a less threatening, somewhat third-party approach to find out if there is anything that might be keeping a patient from moving forward. The potential economic impact of such a process is tremendous.”

—Vizium360 client, plastic surgeon in private practice

“I like this more than the other reports that we used to use. This pinpoints the exact areas where we need to make changes!”

—Patty KramerPractice Manager, Kramer Plastic Surgery

“Vizium360® is the type of review site I have dreamed about for years – instead of competing with the doctor’s website, they feed reviews that I can use for content. I see increased time on the site as visitors read the reviews and increased coverage in the search results. Because the reviews are programmed correctly, Google actually sees them!”

—SEO Consultant, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre

“Just wanted to say again how much you mean to me … you’ve not only saved my practice but made it grow. We’re up 62% over last year in terms of number of cosmetic cases. And more to the point, I saw a patient today that I saw a year ago and another last week I had also seen a year ago. Both came back and scheduled surgery. Oh and I’m getting feedback from patients about the reviews. They really like that there’s a review that’s not perfect. They understand that not everyone is perfectly happy and they appreciate our honesty.”

—Christopher L. Hess, MDPlastic Surgeon, Hess Plastic Surge