Survey-Based Reviews Show Higher Scores and Less 1-Star Reviews

Jun 13, 2024

At Vizium360, we are dedicated to helping medical practices harness the power of patient feedback to drive growth and improve services. Our latest analysis of review data reveals that Vizium360 stands out as a leader in patient satisfaction, surpassing major platforms like Google and Yelp. Here’s a deep dive into the data and what it means for medical practices using Vizium360.

Unveiling the Data

We compared patient review distributions across three platforms: Vizium360, Google, and Yelp. The data encompassed the percentage of ratings from 1-star to 5-stars, providing a comprehensive view of overall patient sentiment.

Platform 5-stars 4-stars 3-stars 2-stars 1-star
Vizium360 85% 11.10% 1.80% 1.40% 0.80%
Google 88.40% 2.90% 0.90% 1.10% 6.80%
Yelp 59% 3.40% 2.50% 4.80% 30.30%

Key Findings

  1. Leading Overall Satisfaction

Vizium360 boasts an impressive overall satisfaction score of 4.78, outshining Google’s 4.65 and Yelp’s 3.56. This high score reflects the exceptional experience patients report when using Vizium360 to provide feedback on their medical care.

  1. Balanced Positive Feedback

Our platform shows a healthy distribution of 4-star ratings (11.10%), significantly higher than Google (2.90%) and Yelp (3.40%). This indicates that even when patients aren’t entirely satisfied, they still rate their experiences positively, highlighting a robust overall satisfaction.

  1. Minimal Negative Feedback

Vizium360 has the lowest percentage of 1-star ratings at just 0.8%. In contrast, Google has 6.8%, and Yelp a staggering 30.3%. This minimal negative feedback underscores the effectiveness of Vizium360 in capturing genuine, constructive reviews that help medical practices improve without being dragged down by overwhelmingly negative sentiments.

  1. High Polarization Index

The polarization index, which measures the difference between 5-star and 1-star ratings, is highest for Vizium360 (0.842) and Google (0.816), compared to Yelp’s 0.287. This high index for Vizium360 indicates a strong leaning towards positive experiences, reaffirming the trust and satisfaction patients have with practices using our platform.

The Vizium360 Difference

Inclusive Patient Feedback

Unlike Google and Yelp, which rely on patients to take the initiative to leave reviews, often leading to a bias towards negative feedback, Vizium360 is a survey-based tool that invites every single patient to share their experience and rate the practice or doctor. This inclusive approach ensures a more accurate and comprehensive picture of patient satisfaction.

Balanced and Constructive Reviews

Our platform’s higher percentage of 4-star ratings and minimal 1-star ratings demonstrate that patients using Vizium360 are more inclined to provide balanced and constructive feedback. This helps medical practices identify areas for improvement while recognizing their strengths.

Engaging Patients Proactively

Vizium360’s methodology fosters proactive engagement with patients. By inviting all patients to participate in surveys, practices can address concerns promptly and improve the overall patient experience. This proactive engagement is reflected in the low percentage of 1-star ratings, showcasing a responsive and patient-centric approach. 

Why Medical Practices Choose Vizium360

Tailored Feedback Solutions

Vizium360’s tools are designed to collect detailed and actionable patient feedback, helping practices understand the nuances of their patients’ experiences. Our high percentage of 4-star ratings suggests that our feedback mechanisms allow patients to express minor grievances without resorting to extreme negative ratings.

Driving Practice Growth

The insights gained from Vizium360 reviews are invaluable for continuous improvement and strategic decision-making. Practices can identify strengths and areas for improvement, fostering a cycle of growth and excellence.

Elevating Patient Care

By leveraging Vizium360, medical practices can enhance their care quality, resulting in higher patient satisfaction and loyalty. Our platform not only captures the voice of the patient but also transforms it into a powerful tool for practice growth.

Vizium360 stands as a testament to the power of proactive patient engagement and detailed feedback analysis. Our platform not only captures the voice of the patient but also transforms it into actionable insights for practice improvement. With an outstanding overall satisfaction score and a balanced, positive feedback distribution, Vizium360 is the go-to solution for medical practices aiming to elevate their patient care experience.

Join the ranks of practices thriving on Vizium360 and see the difference in your patient satisfaction today!

About Vizium360

Vizium360 is a leading patient feedback platform that helps medical practices understand and improve their patient experiences. Our innovative tools and detailed analytics empower practices to capture genuine feedback and make data-driven decisions for continuous growth.