If you’re searching for the best online reputation management tools, we’ve got you covered. Vizium360® products help you boost your reviews and gain valuable insights into how to improve patient experience and achieve greater success for your organization. We offer flexible, scalable solutions that work for healthcare businesses of any size.


Vizium360: All Your Solutions In One Platform

Whether you’re a wellness center, medical spa, physician, or group medical practice, you need online reputation management solutions that optimize the patient experience and drive business success. With Vizium360®, you get that and so much more.

We’ve ensured that all your reputation management concerns are solved with one easy-to-use platform that empowers you to:

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Demonstrate Superior Clinical Outcomes

Showcase online ratings and reviews down to the procedure, provider, specialty, and location level to help potential patients choose your organization for the best care.

Monitor Physician Performance & Patient Satisfaction

Customized surveys and advanced reporting tools capture powerful analytics that offer a complete picture of provider performance.

Manage & Protect Your Online Reputation

Address a negative review before it hits the internet with 24/7 risk management alerts and notifications, plus proven strategies for effectively responding online and offline.

Multiply the Number & Value of Your Online Reviews

Effortlessly amplify your reputation and digital footprint by increasing reviews and dominating search rankings. Vizium360® sends and tracks patient review invitations to sites like Google, Facebook, and Healthgrades—wherever you need reviews the most.

Attract New Patients

Turn excellent reviews into a powerful marketing advantage by automatically showcasing them on your website with personalized widgets that boost your search rankings. Further increase the visibility of your reviews with your profile.

Why Vizium360?

With so many reputation management and patient experience platforms out there, why should you choose Vizium360?

blue-checkHealthcare Is Our Business

gold-checkA Comprehensive Solution

blue-checkUnmatched Support

blue-checkFair and Flexible

A Comprehensive Solution

We believe a 360-degree approach to healthcare review management is the only way to ensure a positive experience for all stakeholders and, most importantly, the patient. Our customizable, scalable products cover all your reputation management needs, including:

  • Patient surveying
  • Ratings and reviews publishing and syndication
  • Third-party review management
  • Review aggregating
  • Data analytics and reporting

Our products are designed to offer the maximum benefit with minimum effort from you and your team.

Help Your Customers Choose the Very Best in Care — And Watch It Pay Off

ReviewMultiplier+ gives you a more complete view of patient satisfaction ratings and the power to use them more effectively to drive success—for your providers, your stakeholders, and your patients. Contact Vizium360® today and start making feedback matter


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