Patients are Using Online Reviews to Select Healthcare Providers

Aug 17, 2023

More and more patients have been using online reviews to choose their doctors. With the proliferation of online review websites, it has become easier than ever for patients to access information about a doctor’s qualifications, experience, and bedside manner.

One of the most significant reasons why online reviews are essential to patients is that they provide valuable information about a doctor’s qualifications and experience. According to one survey, 82% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians. Patients can learn about a doctor’s education, certifications, and specialties, as well as read accounts of other patients’ experiences with the doctor.

Another critical factor is the impact of online reviews on a doctor’s reputation. According to another survey, 84% of patients say that online reviews influence their choice of doctor. In addition, 68% of patients would choose a physician with positive reviews over one with no reviews at all. This demonstrates the importance of maintaining a positive online reputation for doctors and the influence of reviews in shaping patients’ decisions.

Additionally, online reviews can provide patients with a more comprehensive understanding of a doctor’s bedside manner and communication skills. Patients can read about other patients’ experiences with scheduling appointments, wait times, and the doctor’s manner during consultations. This information can help patients feel more comfortable and confident in their choice of doctor.

Finally, online reviews can be especially influential for patients with specific medical conditions or needs. For example, patients might be looking for a doctor who specializes in a particular field, has experience with a rare disease, or is fluent in a particular language. Online reviews can provide valuable information about whether a doctor is a good fit for these specific needs.

Online reviews have become an integral part of the process of choosing a doctor for many patients. With the use of online review websites on the rise, patients can access a wealth of information about a doctor’s qualifications, experience, bedside manner, and other patients’ experiences. Doctors who prioritize and manage their online reviews will be better placed to succeed and attract new patients. As the influence of online reviews only continues to grow, it’s essential for doctors to engage with this aspect of the healthcare landscape to build and maintain their online reputation.