Benefits of Verified Reviews

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Provide trusted ratings and reviews

Benefits of Verified Reviews: Did you know that 94% of consumers read online reviews as part of their selection process? This includes people looking for a provider, 87% of whom trust a review as much as a personal recommendation. People want to know how they’ll be treated before walking into a provider’s office. Vizium360® 100% verified ratings and reviews provide consumers with credible and useful information.

Internally, Vizium360® data analytics and reporting provides valuable ratings and review data to help you identify areas for improvement. The more reviews Vizium360® generates for your practice, the better insight you have into how your patients perceive their experience, what you’re doing right, and what areas of your practice need attention. Vizium360® lets you fine-tune your processes, improve the patient experience, and provide greater value across the care continuum.

The more reviews, the better

Consumer behavior is changing and healthcare organizations have to adapt. When consumers read reviews, they prefer providers with the most reviews and then consider the overall star rating. Research shows that the average consumer won’t trust a star rating unless there are at least 34 total reviews, which ensures statistical validity. That level of trust only increases the more reviews a company has across major online platforms.

We also know that the vast majority of online reviews are positive. Vizium360® survey-based approach delivers a high quantity of fresh and credible content. By harvesting the dormant positive feedback of all of your patients, the occasional negative review has less effect on your overall rating.

Harvest a consistent inflow of 100% verified reviews

A high volume of reviews is helpful if those reviews are gathered directly from your patients. Most consumer reviews sites cannot prevent fraudulent reviews. If the reviews are negative and fraudulent, it hurts the provider. If the reviews are positive and fraudulent, it hurts the consumer. Unverified reviews greatly limit your organization’s ability to gain real and actionable insight into patient experiences.

Vizium360® solves this problem by generating a consistent inflow of reviews from real patients. We survey patients at key points in the care process, when patients can offer the most accurate feedback about their experience.

Vizium360® provides better feedback

Our statistically valid Vizium360® survey process ensures anonymity to patients. This increases candor and results in more robust and valuable content for both consumers and healthcare organizations. Anonymity significantly increases the number of patients who allow their reviews to be made public. This alone can effectively increase your online rating and review presence.

Vizium360® technology and proprietary publishing tools drive more traffic to your organization’s website, enhancing your rankings and your online presence. The reason for this is that search engines value a high quantity of authentic and fresh ratings and reviews. More patients see your positive, verified reviews, which provide independent confirmation of positive patient experiences. Internally, you get more meaningful feedback to further fine-tune the patient experience.

Boost your rankings in search results

Your own website must rank for review searches for your providers and organization. Most ratings and review sites do not help your website rank for these searches. Vizium360® approach and technology puts ratings and reviews on your website which increases visibility and provides competitive advantages in Google search results. People are more likely to click on a listing with star ratings under its name than one without. Our Vizium360® algorithms help provider ratings and reviews show up in organic search results, helping you generate more traffic and enhancing your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Vizium360® helps your organization get the reviews consumers want before choosing a provider, while giving you the reliable feedback you need to maximize the patient experience.

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