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How It Work: Survey your entire patient population

As a third-party, we send survey invitations to your patients at different points along the care continuum. We guarantee anonymity to increase candor and, through our surveying process, we provide 100% verified reviews from real patients.

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how it works


Get real data. Gain real insight. Take real action.

Provide real value to your patients and your organization. Vizium360® delivers patient feedback to the practice along with comparisons to regional and national benchmarks. This 360 degree feedback loop enables the practice to gain visibility into their patients and to use that insight to improve the quality of care for future patients.

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how it works


How It Work: Customize the ratings and reviews you publish on your website

We close the loop by publishing real, verified ratings and reviews that are trusted by everyone involved. Our portal has all the tools you need to help you publish widgets and review feeds that provide fresh content for your site on an ongoing basis.

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Publish ratings and reviews online

Because patients value anonymity, many more patients provide feedback and approve reviews for public use. This ensures real reviews from real patients and the frequency ensures recency and statistical validity.

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How It Work: Take control of your online reputation

Our ReviewMultiplier™ tool helps you proactively manage and improve provider and practice online reputation with 24/7 review monitoring across 85+ consumer review sites. ReviewMultiplier™ automatically directs reviews where they’re most needed, provides real-time dashboard notifications, and sends text and email invitations to patients to leave reviews.

how it works