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Use Patient Feedback to Boost Your Organization’s Success.

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Florida Physicians:

Get the quantity of verified reviews you need to accurately assess patient satisfaction

Florida physicians; patients provide valuable insight into what you’re doing right, and what parts of your organization need attention. Vizium360® surveys your actual patients at key points in the care experience to generate a consistent inflow of verified reviews of your providers, services, and locations, so you can take action, improve patient experiences, strengthen your reputation, and ultimately create more value for your enterprise. Whether you’re an independent physician, large group practice, or multi-state integrated healthcare system, Vizium360® can help your company succeed in today’s competitive environment. 

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Florida Physicians: Use Vizium360® patient feedback as a management tool to improve services

Our best-in-class analytics and benchmarking software aggregates data from your reviews, and presents them in easy-to-understand reports that you can use to:

  • Easily identify opportunities by provider, practice, location, or treatment
  • Help you achieve MIPS/MACRA measures
  • Quickly pinpoint areas for growth
  • Take real action that’s worth your time and investment
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Florida Physicians: Benefits of Using Vizium360®

Visibility is everything.  Provider visibility into the patient experience.

Patient visibility into provider quality. This is what you get with Vizium360®.


Florida Physicians: Include Everyone

Proactively soliciting verified patient feedback fosters an environment of trust and respect, where the organization benefits when patients know their input is valued and used to improve care and provide a better experience.

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Florida Physicians: Fine Tune Your Organization

Our analytics bring meaning to the data, helping you harvest dormant positive patient feedback, and use any negative feedback to pinpoint areas for improvement and monitor progress.

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Florida Physicians: Showcase Your Quality

Vizium360 publishes your reviews to your website(s) and other key consumer sites of your choice. This ensures you reach patients at key points in their decision-making process.