Exploring the Impact of Online Reviews: Local Consumer Review Survey 2024 Insights

Mar 21, 2024

The Local Consumer Review Survey 2024 highlights the critical role of online reviews in shaping patient behavior and perceptions towards local businesses. This year’s survey emphasizes the importance of local reputation, the impact of review responses, and the emerging role of generative AI in crafting these responses. Social media platforms, notably Instagram and TikTok, continue to gain traction as significant channels for business research and reviews.

Key Findings

Key findings include that 91% of consumers consider local reviews in their overall perception of a brand, indicating the vital role of local reputation management. The survey also found that a substantial 88% of consumers are more inclined to use businesses that engage with their reviews, showcasing the necessity for businesses to actively respond to customer feedback.

The integration of generative AI in crafting review responses has been favorably received, with 58% of consumers preferring AI-generated responses over human-written ones, suggesting a shift towards more acceptance and trust in AI-generated content. Additionally, the survey reveals that consumers typically consult multiple review sites before making decisions, emphasizing the importance of a strong, consistent presence across various platforms.

The persistence of Google as a primary platform for online reviews is noteworthy, despite a slight decrease in usage. On the other hand, platforms like Apple Maps and Trustpilot are seeing an uptick in user engagement, indicating a diversifying landscape of review platforms.

Platform Usage and Consumer Behavior

  • Dominance and Shifts in Review Platform Usage: While Google remains a key player, emerging platforms like Apple Maps and Trustpilot are gaining user interest
  • Multi-Platform Engagement: Consumers typically consult multiple review sites, indicating the importance of a broad and consistent online presence
Review Sites Chart

Consumer Engagement with Reviews

In addition to platform-specific insights, the survey examines how consumers interact with review functionalities, such as search and filter options, to find the most relevant content. 77% of consumers use at least two review platforms in their business research and 41% of consumers use three or more review platforms. Less than a quarter of consumers only use one review site before choosing a local business.

So, when asking patients for reviews, it is important to provide them with several options. Patients have preferences and may have accounts with certain review platforms. Giving them options and making the process as simple as possible makes them more likely to leave reviews.

Moreover, the survey addresses the growing significance of alternative review sources, such as social media and local news, reflecting the expanding ecosystem of consumer review sources beyond traditional platforms. This expansion signifies the evolving nature of how consumers gather and assess information about local businesses.

Overall, the Local Consumer Review Survey 2024 offers a comprehensive overview of the current state of consumer interactions with online reviews, providing valuable insights for businesses aiming to enhance their reputation management strategies and adapt to the dynamic landscape of consumer feedback and online reputation.


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