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Warning: E-mail Sales Solicitation Alert

Topic: E-mail Sales Solicitation Alert

E-mail Sales Solicitation Alert

Sales Solicitation Alert

Dear Customers and Colleagues,

I want to make you aware of a series of spammy emails that were sent as sales solicitations to our customers on March 20, 2018. The emails used my name, Marie Olesen, and my company name (Vizium360 and its consumer site, realpatientratings.com) to imply some connection between our business and the email sender.

I know that each of us get spammy solicitation emails all the time, but these emails are unusual because they attempt to trade on our brand credibility. We have no relationship with this other business, the emails are spam, and they should be ignored.

Because of the way they were written, we’ve investigated the emails and determined:

  • They are spammy sales solicitations
  • They made use of public information to target RPR customers
  • If you were to respond, you would be entering information on a site that is not secure. That information does not come to us and, therefore, is not protected by our Business Associate or License agreements. We don’t know where response information is going or what it is being used for.

Vizium360 / RealPatientRatings is an Advantage Program of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I have notified ASAPS and my legal team of these misleading solicitations.

Please contact me with any questions.

Annoyed with spammers,
Marie Olesen

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