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Using Stats to Improve Healthcare Organization Success

Topic: Using Stats to Improve Healthcare Organization Success

Using performance data as a management tool improves practice success

I don’t know about your family, but sports are always on our TV in the background:baseball, football, golf, you name it. Frankly, I’ve never been much of a sports fan, but I love data. I’m more intrigued by the stats than the games themselves.

The common tactic among many sports is finding data gems to improve performance and gain competitive advantage.

Consider the story of the Oakland A’s in Moneyball by Michael Lewis. I laughed until I cried at his description of the old scouts who were horrified by the idea of using obscure stats to choose players and create game strategies. Billy Beane, the A’s General Manager, proved them wrong and made baseball history.

Recently, I heard a new football stat, “yards after first hit.” The commentator was praising a runner who has a record of gaining significant yardage after being hit initially. What a great metric! It pinpoints a valuable trait about a player that can help the team win more games.

These concepts also apply directly to our practices, but there is a twist as well. Ultimately, the consumer decides if our team is a winner. She schedules a consult, books a procedure, returns for future treatments and refers her friends and family. Or not.

In my personal experience with hundreds of healthcare providers, data can be a game-changer

Used intelligently and tactically, data can increase any team’s winning percentages, whether they provide medical care or homeruns.

Would you like your healthcare team to win more frequently and easily?

Here are my best suggestions on how using stats can help you improve performance:

  • Make data-based decisions that reduce bias
  • Use patient feedback to guide and measure performance improvements
  • Continuously measure the performance of your people, including ancillary providers
  • Use conversion metrics to evaluate service processes
  • Benchmark internally, regionally and nationally
  • Use data to refine staff assignments and business processes
  • Acknowledge and celebrate team success

Remember, losing is a very expensive proposition. I continue to be amazed by the money spent to attract patients that lack the skills and strategies to convert consumer interest into action. Using data to make decisions is the best way to increase success.

To discuss more, please contact our team! We’re to help you providing winning patient experiences.

Topic Discussed: Using Stats to Improve Healthcare Organization Success