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The Plastic Surgeon

The Plastic Surgeon Changing The Face Of Post Covid-19 Beauty

Topic: The Plastic Surgeon Changing The Face Of Post Covid-19 Beauty

Brilliant plastic surgeon Dr Lara Devgan is a board-certified, Yale-educated, Johns Hopkins Medical School-instructed, and Columbia New York Presbyterian Hospital-trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon based in Manhattan. I talked with Dr Devgan about how her sector had been impacted in New York City. She gave me her clear vision about the future of beauty and shared her exciting news.

How have you lived this challenging lockdown period in New York City on the business and personal side?

Covid-19 has affected every New Yorker to the core, including me. I have been on home quarantine with my family. My medical practice is closed for elective cosmetic procedures. In the height of crisis mode, I donated tens of thousands of dollars of personal protective equipment and products to area hospitals and health care workers, I listed my anesthesia machine on the official New York list for ventilators, and I volunteered to see emergency facial trauma cases to divert healthy people from the ERs. Now, the disease is more controlled, and life is beginning to take the shape of a new normal. We can see signs of recovery and cautious optimism all around us.

I have been at home with my family for most of the time. My employees are working from home and in social distancing mode. My kids are doing online school via zoom and google meetings. But we are healthy, and we are finding ways to pivot, adapt, and grow. Human beings are surprisingly resilient creatures, and I think some of the lessons of this time period have helped me grow tremendously as a person. Introspection, focus, and change are always a good thing.

What are your thoughts about this challenging situation we are all going through now?

This has been an incredibly reflective time for me, not only with the tremendous impact Covid-19 has had on the whole world, but also in terms of thinking about my own part in all this. What does beauty mean in a post-Covid world? How can we make something that has often been dismissed as frivolous and superficial into something that adds to the quality and fabric of our lives? Ultimately, I think that the answer to those questions is that beauty is about confidence. Pretty skin and long eyelashes are not about how your face looks. They are about how you feel about yourself, and how you radiate that confidence into greater productivity in the world around you.

Topic Discussed: The Plastic Surgeon Changing The Face Of Post Covid-19 Beauty

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