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The most forward digital

The most forward digital trends translated for healthcare marketing

Topic: The most forward digital trends translated for healthcare marketing

Connecting with HCP customers has become increasingly complex. To be at the forefront of an ever-changing landscape, every quarter Propeller finds the latest, most relevant digital marketing trends and applies them to healthcare. From rising social platforms to connected device innovations, we identify patterns in what’s popular and innovative and edit it down to a short-list of must-knows to ensure your digital plan is optimized to meet your KPIs.

For a glimpse into what we do, here are five customer-centric digital trends for you to integrate today.

The audio phenomenon: Audio chat is a hands-free audio-conferencing capability that enables communication via voice messaging in a way that’s immediate and collaborative, matching the lifestyles and consumption preferences of consumers today. Currently in beta, audio-chat app Clubhouse has become the space for people to discuss a range of topics in virtual audio “rooms.” The fluid conversations provide an opportunity for HCPs to discuss pressing issues, products, and patient needs with other HCPs.

Vertical video: Forbes reported that almost 94% of us hold our phones vertically, and we’re 2.5x more likely to skip a video that requires us to change our phone’s orientation. As 75% of video views worldwide are on mobile devices, optimizing for vertical format is key for healthcare-industry marketing, including leaning into live social media features. For example, in Instagram and LinkedIn Stories, Twitter’s Fleet, and TikTok, healthcare brands create and share authentic content in real time, with opportunities for organic and paid content featuring KOLs, Digital Opinion Influencers, advocates, and more. The real-time content is seamlessly captured and delivered in vertical video to audiences at scale.

Beyond the bot: Data and the ongoing feedback loop captured by conversational AI can help healthcare brands and marketers develop deeper understandings of the patient-doctor, rep-doctor relationship, and shape industry trends by gleaning invaluable insights across touchpoints. Conversational AI works by analyzing and processing user inputs across an omnichannel ecosystem and matching them with the most appropriate response(s) from a legal-approved database of answers, detecting Emotional Intelligence to truly interact with people in a humanlike way.

Topic Discussed: The most forward digital trends translated for healthcare marketing

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