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The Importance of Incorporating

The Importance of Incorporating Sustainability into Small Business Marketing

Topic: The Importance of Incorporating Sustainability into Small Business Marketing

Many individuals are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainable practices, and this can easily influence the purchasing decision of a consumer. Millennials and other demographics are embracing sustainability and devoting their business to small businesses incorporating sustainable practices.

Taking Sustainability into Account

Surveys are taking note of the importance of sustainable practices to consumers. For example, according to McKinsey data from 2020, 63% of consumers actively consider how sustainable a brand is before engaging with them. In addition, Nielsen and Conference Board data from 2017 recorded more than half of the respondents as concerned about the sustainability practices of businesses, despite what generation they were from.

However, sustainable practices are not just important to consumers. Research has shown that employees actively regard sustainable practices as well, and they are more likely to choose a business that is concerned with the environment. For example, ClearTrace data obtained via Fast Company recorded that almost 70% of respondents cited sustainability in their decision to join and stay with a company.

Thus, sustainability has the power to attract, and keep, customers and employees. In addition, transparency goes a long way with others. When businesses couple sustainability and transparency, consumers and employees appreciate the genuine effort and communication put forth. Thus, any sustainable efforts or practices should not be exaggerated, or worse, lied about. If you are unsure of where to start and you are a small business, there are seven ways you can begin to incorporate sustainable practices and show your commitment to the environment:

  1. Conserve printing resources when possible
  2. Regularly use a recycling bin
  3. Engage in efforts to clean up a park, trail, beach, or highway near you
  4. Use LED lightbulbs in your office or store
  5. Have a water fountain on hand so that reusable bottles can easily be refilled
  6. Avoid using single-use products (paper towels, paper plates, etc.) when possible
  7. Team up with a nonprofit organization in your community that is committed to sustainability and awareness efforts

These seven simple steps can go a long way in making an impact in your local community, and they can be used in your marketing messaging. In addition, they may encourage other small businesses to take action.

Key Takeaway

Sustainability is a high concern among consumers and employees alike. Thus, a company’s sustainable efforts can be used as part of its marketing strategy, as long as these efforts are communicated in a transparent manner.

Topic Discussed: The Importance of Incorporating Sustainability into Small Business Marketing