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Studies & Findings About Reviews

Topic: Studies & Findings About Reviews

Studies & Findings About Reviews
As Thanksgiving approaches, all of us at Vizium360 are thankful for what we are doing to help provide transparency to consumers, and to give healthcare organizations and providers the tools to showcase their quality with trusted content.

Studies & Findings

More and more studies validate that our survey-based technology solves the needs of both consumers and providers.

  1. Survey-based systems generate higher ratings than consumer review sites.
    Provider-Initiated Patient Satisfaction Reporting Yields Improved Physician Ratings Relative to Online Rating Websites
  2. Consumers choose providers with more reviews.
    People are complete suckers for online reviews
  3. Consumers want to help and offer feedback.
    Altruism Among Internet Users? Could It Be?
  4. Consumers need to see negative reviews to trust positive reviews.
    The Positive Effect of Negative Information
  5. Most reviews are positive so more is better. Based on over 150,000 ratings and reviews on realpatientratings.com, 94% of patients are either satisfied or highly satisfied.

Why Vizium360?

At Vizium360, we believe taking a holistic approach in today’s healthcare environment is the only way to ensure a positive experience for all stakeholders and, most importantly, the patient. A 360 degree approach enables the organization to connect with its patients on a meaningful level. We love data, and we know real patient feedback is the most effective driver of organizational change and success.

Vizium360 is an enterprise platform that helps healthcare providers capture patient feedback and convert it into usable data. Rather than being in the dark and guessing about how to improve patient satisfaction, you initiate change specifically identified by your patients. With full visibility, your organization can better understand your patients’ thoughts and needs, and adjust its care and communication based on real patient feedback.

Consumers use ratings and reviews to select healthcare providers every day. Providers are understandably concerned about this trend. The dominant consumer sites attract negative reviews, which unfairly hurts the provider, and some manipulate positive reviews in ways that can mislead the consumer.

By surveying 100% of your patients, Vizium360 harvests the positive reviews dormant in the majority of your patient base. Because these reviews are real, it’s a trusted and transparent source of information.

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