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Linkedin uncovers the key frameworks for successful account-based marketing

Topic: Linkedin uncovers the key frameworks for successful account-based marketing

The alignment – or the lack of it – between the sales and marketing teams has been one of the key concerns of businesses across categories and B2B marketing is no different in facing this roadblock often.

One of the ways in which LinkedIn is resolving the challenge is by deploying tools that support account-based marketing (ABM) and making it a focused growth strategy integral to B2B marketing.

LinkedIn’s latest report into account-based marketing looks into frameworks needed to successfully deploy this essential B2B marketing strategy.

Fundamentally, ABM is an effort at creating and sustaining relationships with key accounts. Many marketers are already convinced of its importance, as Linkedin found 87% of marketers who measured ROI said ABM outperforms all other marketing investments.

Owing to LinkedIn’s proven track record as the most trusted digital platform, it is being increasingly picked by many marketers as the foundation of their ABM strategy. To help marketers navigate their challenges LinkedIn has worked on solutions around the ABM strategy and created a robust ecosystem of marketing partners across audience data, campaign management and measurement.

The framework in the report works as a robust guide to enable more marketers in reaping the benefits of ABM on the path to success. The Drum looks at five of these steps but to see the seven steps in detail, visit The Marketer’s Framework for ABM Success.

The objectives of deploying this approach can be around the desired outcomes – from demand generation to account nurturing to pipeline acceleration to account penetration – and each one has its own ecosystem.

Demand generation is pivoted around generating awareness with cold or new accounts to improve outcomes for outbound marketing while account nurturing is deployed to increase conversion to sales pipeline by engaging key stakeholders throughout an account.

Pipeline acceleration is anchored around increasing pipeline velocity and win rates by engaging a wider audience of stakeholders during the sales process while account penetration hinges around increasing usage of the solutions across the account by tapping into new lines of business or folding new products into the existing portfolio.

Topic Discussed: Linkedin uncovers the key frameworks for successful account-based marketing

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