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LinkedIn Transforms

LinkedIn Transforms Platform by Adding Ratings and Reviews

Topic: LinkedIn Transforms Platform by Adding Ratings and Reviews

LinkedIn has transformed its popular job-seeking platform, adding ratings and reviews to user profiles. Previously, LinkedIn only offered a list of various names of services. Departing from this static style, LinkedIn’s new feature will allow platform users to rate and review service providers on the skills they have to offer. The feature is designed to help create a more transparent platform, helping service providers receive recognition for the skills and services they bring to the table.

LinkedIn’s New Ratings and Reviews Feature

LinkedIn’s new feature, where ratings and reviews may be added to user profiles, is designed to help bring a new level of transparency to the job-seeking platform. More specifically, LinkedIn has a services listings feature that service providers and SMBs can take advantage of by showcasing the skills they can provide to clients. For profiles that have the services listings option enabled, reviews will be made visible for prospective clients.  

The reviews will be visible under the “Services” section of user profiles and offer a unique way to differentiate oneself in a competitive work environment, field, or specialty. In other words, it offers service providers ways to stand out and garner attention based on past performance.

Service providers who have the “Services” page enabled were made aware of the new feature in an email sent by LinkedIn. In addition to notifying service providers of how the feature works, they were also made aware that they can send out “review invites” to past clients to begin collecting reviews. Therefore, not only could new clients leave reviews, but users are able to still take advantage of previous connections and now offer people they have worked with in the past to rate their experience and services.

Since review features have been subject to abuse on other websites and social media platforms, LinkedIn has put a preemptive measure in place that does not allow unsolicited reviews. Rather, they must be left on an invitation-only basis so that individuals with a vendetta do not spam LinkedIn service providers with negative ratings and reviews.

In addition, to keep service providers from spamming their contacts with review invitations, they will be allotted 20 invite credits, which should encourage them to use them sparingly and wisely.

Key Takeaway

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature that allows service providers to showcase their skills by receiving ratings and reviews from other users. To prevent any fraud or spam, an opportunity to review is sent on an invite-only basis, and the service provider is allotted 20 invite credits.

Topic Discussed: LinkedIn Transforms Platform by Adding Ratings and Reviews