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inside-outside marketing
With MIPS (Merit-based Incentive Payment System), patient satisfaction is now tied to profitability. What’s good for patients is good for the bottom line. What a concept!

This is nothing new to elective healthcare providers, for whom success has always been tied to Overall Satisfaction (OSAT). We attract and retain patients when we deliver highly-satisfying patient experiences. If elective patients aren’t happy, they vote with their feet. When patients walk, revenue goes with them.

So we’re all for patient satisfaction now…Everyone agrees on what I’ll call the inside strategy.

We must identify the causes of poor patient experiences and improve OSAT. Measuring and managing patient experiences requires a commitment to quality and a willingness to change. Ongoing patient feedback helps us keep pace with changing patient expectations.

Which brings us to the opportunity of the outside strategy

Sharing verified ratings and reviews that help consumers make informed decisions and accelerate their choices. Search engines reward this trusted content in search, rankings and conversions.

More than 92% of consumers read online reviews to learn about a business. Over 84% of patients use online reviews to evaluate a healthcare provider. Additionally, more than 77% of patients indicate they use online reviews as a first step in finding a provider.*

Healthcare organizations benefit by aligning with consumers. The more transparent we are, the more we share ratings and reviews, the more our practice thrives.

Looking for a new way to protect and grow your organization?

Try inside/outside marketing. You can enhance the bottom line, increase competitive advantage and achieve profitable growth.

Vizium360™ compliments any inside/outside marketing strategy. With Vizium360, you can easily generate verified reviews with minimal effort on the part of your staff and provide patients with trusted ratings and reviews from other real patients. Vizium360 also provides you with the priorities identified by your patients which can help lead to increased scheduling at consultation appointments as well as increased patient retention and referrals.

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