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How To Use Automation

How To Use Automation In Healthcare Marketing

Topic: How To Use Automation In Healthcare Marketing

Automation in healthcare marketing comprises technology-powered communication strategies that enable providers to have personalized engagement with patients based on predetermined behaviors. When you automate your marketing campaigns based on target audiences and patient types, you can expand your reach and grow your practice faster.

In my experience, healthcare providers who use marketing automation often get better results than those who do not. My company, RepuGen, created an automated platform for healthcare reputation management and patient engagement, and I have seen healthcare practices retain more than 80% of unhappy patients and earn about 10 new patients a week from referrals. So it’s not surprising to me that Forrester has predicted that global spending on marketing automation tools will exceed $25 billion by 2023.

Here are some strategies for using marketing automation to improve patient engagement and build lasting relationships.

1. Automate Patient Referrals

Easily promote your healthcare services by automatically asking happy patients to recommend them to their friends and relatives. You can use various referral management software platforms to first send an automated survey to your patients after seeing them. This will help you gather insights and reviews to know exactly how your patients feel when they leave your practice and what they think about you. Then, you can follow up each positive response with a referral solicitation email. Be sure to include an option that lets happy patients automatically send the referral to their friends and family members by email.

2. Automate Physician Referrals

You also can use referral management software platforms to establish connections with other healthcare practices and make it easier for doctors to refer patients to you. What’s more, referring and receiving practices can communicate regarding a patient’s appointment details and can securely exchange electronic health records between them. Be sure to strategically communicate why providers should refer patients to your practice.

3. Automate Online Listings Management

Using tools such as Yext Listings or Moz Local, you can view and manage all of your online listings, including your location data, services and office hours, across the web in one place. If there are any NAP (name, address, phone number) inconsistencies, you can easily spot and fix them. The technology makes the work of updating, claiming or creating new online listings more manageable for your practice so that you don’t lose out on potential patients whenever they are searching online.

NAP consistency and accuracy can improve your search engine results page rankings. Higher rankings can increase your practice’s online visibility to bring in more patients.

Topic Discussed: How To Use Automation In Healthcare Marketing

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