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How To Maximize Medical

How To Maximize Medical Device Patient Retention

Topic: How To Maximize Medical Device Patient Retention

The accelerated shift to telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic has given patients greater autonomy. However, this benefit is not without its challenges, particularly for patients who use medical devices at home to manage chronic health conditions. These difficulties revolve around three common areas:

  • Onboarding a patient to a new medical device
  • Efficiency for patients and providers
  • Continuous monitoring

Left unresolved, these issues inevitably cause poor patient retention for medical device companies. Fortunately, the pandemic has presented new opportunities to remedy these issues by harnessing the power of telehealth.

Develop A Comprehensive “New Device Onboarding” Process

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical device companies provided in-person training to patients and clinic staff. Often, patients would schedule an appointment if they had device-related concerns, such as getting started or uploading data. However, this traditional model burdened the patient-provider relationship in two ways:

Clinics, already busy with appointments, had the additional responsibility of helping patients with device training and onboarding. Consequently, patients had to rely on their providers for device management, rather than feeling empowered through device self-management. This strain on providers intensified during the pandemic, during which many providers shifted to delivering virtual support.

During the pandemic, patients expressed gaps in knowledge, frustration, and anxiety regarding the onboarding process. Although medical device companies had promoted ease of use, patients found installation and data upload more complex than they originally expected. As a result, they felt compelled to stop using the device altogether.
You must prioritize comprehensive onboarding that begins before the patient even receives the product. Below are two ways to accomplish this.

1. Adopt A Visual Learning Strategy

When the pandemic began, the industry saw a surge in demand for remote training, as patients expressed frustration with setting up their devices on their own. Don’t underestimate the value of visual learning. Patients need to see how to operate their device, whether it’s in a video or with detailed pictures in a manual. For videos, consider enlisting “brand ambassadors,” or real-life individuals who have used the device to manage their health condition. Patients are more likely to connect with others who use the same device and can show what it is like in real life to set up.

Topic Discussed: How To Maximize Medical Device Patient Retention

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