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How The Pandemic

How The Pandemic Has Upset Healthcare, And Five Ways To Fix It

Topic: How The Pandemic Has Upset Healthcare, And Five Ways To Fix It

Just as Covid-19 penetrates our immune system’s weaknesses, the pandemic has stressed certain functions of the healthcare industry to a breaking point. With some experts suggesting death tolls will reach the multimillion mark by 2022, there’s no reprieve in sight.

Like torrential rain beating down on an old tin roof, Covid-19’s relentless pressure has exposed and exacerbated several healthcare problems. By understanding the impact of economic realities, poor patient outcomes, delayed procedures and lack of attention to existing problems, we can better comprehend the magnitude of these circumstances. I’ll also briefly touch on five things we can do right now to fix them.

Problem 1: Covid-19 has put hospitals and healthcare systems in an economic crisis.

Hospitals and private practices that thrive on insurance reimbursements are now facing steep financial challenges. When the reality of Covid-19’s impact hit Americans, many people responded by following quarantine measures and staying home from work, school and large social activities. Simultaneously, high numbers put off scheduled medical procedures out of fear of contracting the novel coronavirus.

With some people avoiding medical visits at all costs, the American Hospital Association estimates revenue losses are reaching $50 billion a month. A number of hospitals and clinics will fail as a result of this crisis. Outpatient care witnessed nationwide downsizing of 1.3 million jobs between February and April 2020. The impact has been felt by medical group practices of all sizes, with a reported 60% decrease in patient care across the board. Helping people to regain trust in hospitals and healthcare systems is vital to ending financial losses before they become too great to overcome.

Problem 2: Covid-19 has caused patients to delay procedures, which can lead to more fatalities.

Unfortunately, poor patient choices are a gateway to poor patient outcomes. For example, millions of children have missed vaccine doses, introducing the risks of exposure to routine and preventable diseases. Meanwhile, there has been a staggering 90% drop in cancer screenings, which opens the door to delayed diagnoses and treatments.

Without adequate care, we can expect to see increased side effects, decreased life expectancy and greater medical compromises of at-risk populations. Unsurprisingly, 1 out of every 10 people who put off seeing a doctor due to Covid-19 concerns indicated their conditions worsened. Restoring patient confidence is paramount in regaining the strength of the healthcare industry.

Topic Discussed: How The Pandemic Has Upset Healthcare, And Five Ways To Fix It

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