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Harnessing the Marketing Power of Social Media Videos

Topic: Harnessing the Marketing Power of Social Media Videos

Videos on social media hold tremendous marketing potential. Even platforms that originally were known for photo sharing, such as Instagram, now feature a video component that can be harnessed to increase brand awareness and reach.

The Strategic Move Toward Social Media Videos

Even platforms that started off more devoted to images, such as Instagram, are now adding video elements to compete with competitors like YouTube and TikTok. For example, Instagram is working to introduce and gain traction for IG Live, Instagram Reels, and IGTV.

In essence, social media videos are an effective marketing medium, offering consumers content that is engaging, memorable, and less time-consuming. Recently, 76% of businesses attributed an increase in sales to their social media video content. In addition, 80% of marketers have stated that hosting a video from YouTube on their website has increased the time visitors spend on their page.

The great news is that video content no longer must be done professionally. Many videos created and shared via social media harness the power of smartphones to make quick and engaging video content.

Five Ways to Utilize Social Media Videos to Increase Sales and Engagement

If you are wanting to use social media videos to increase sales and engagement, here are five ways you can use this medium to sell your service or product:

Display Your Product or Service in Action

By displaying your product in action or via a tutorial, social media videos can help educate individuals and garner interest in your product or service.

Discuss Your Product or Service

You can educate the general public on your product or service by creating a short video that goes over its features and benefits. This simple tactic increases engagement and fuels interest. You can also put in a plug for promotions, events, and other things coming up in the near future.

Go Live for Increased Engagement

The ability to go live increases engagement among consumers. You can also advertise the time and date you will be going live a few days prior to create a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Encourage People to Share Your Videos

You can encourage people to share your videos either directly or indirectly. You can automatically and indirectly encourage the sharing of your content simply by creating videos that are simultaneously educational and entertaining.

Showcase Customer Testimonials

You can showcase customer testimonials about products or events by combining creative text images with captivating animation. One great tool for this is Canva, which already has a plethora of professional templates to choose from.

Key Takeaway

Social media videos are an incredible marketing strategy that increases brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately, growth. This tool can be used to increase your reach and garner interest and anticipation surrounding promotions, events, services, and products.

Topic Discussed: Harnessing the Marketing Power of Social Media Videos