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Getting Your Best Reviews

Getting Your Best Reviews
Everybody wins—consumers and providers—when ratings and reviews accurately reflect what real patients think about their medical experiences.

A new Ortho study explored rating and review methodologies. The study compared scores on four commercial ratings websites versus twelve institutions that provided publicly-available patient satisfaction outcomes from third-party surveys. The findings from the study:

Commercial online physician rating websites

Despite the recent proliferation of these websites, they have significant limitations, including:

1) a low number of patient ratings,
2) a bias toward dissatisfied patients,
3) and a lack of subjective feedback to explain the basis of these ratings.

Provider-initiated internal patient satisfaction ratings

1) a greater number of overall patient ratings,
2) higher overall patient satisfaction ratings,
3) and a lower percentage of negative comments

This study demonstrates the benefit to healthcare providers who use third-party surveys. Their transparency enables the public to make more informed choices and helps organizations earn the MIPS / MACRA financial incentive payments.

Both consumers and providers benefit from a survey-based ratings and review system.

Provider fears are unfounded. Having published over 146,000 ratings and reviews on vizium.com, the ratings distribution validates medical quality. Vizium360 members have an average rating of 4.67 with 94.1% Patient Satisfaction.

There are other important protections for consumers and providers not addressed in this study but which are inherent in the Vizium360 methodology:

100% verified

  • Firstly, invites all patients to give feedback within a closed system
  • Secondly, providers cannot eliminate unhappy patients
  • Lastly, patients have one opportunity to give feedback

Anonymous and Actionable

  • Protects everyone
  • Increases candor from patients giving feedback and eliminates fear of exposure
  • Further, provides greater insight to providers and managers about patient satisfaction

Fully transparent

  • Uncensored process adheres to Google standards and facilitates search engine optimization
  • Transparency on healthcare organization, provider, and consumer websites helps drive and expedite consumer decision-making
  • In addition, although ratings and reviews have been used more in retail medicine, this study shows that it’s highly applicable to other specialties including orthopedics.

To sum up, if you are interested in learning how verified reviews through Vizium360 can help your company, please contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits of our service, answer any questions you may have, and schedule a demo.