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Build Your 2021 Medical Practice Marketing Strategy With 10 Questions

Topic: Build Your 2021 Medical Practice Marketing Strategy With 10 Questions

Now is the time to radically rethink how you market your medical practice. This year, the digital landscape grew by what seems like decades within a matter of a few months. Technology adoption accelerated rapidly across nearly every industry. For medical practices, we saw not only a rush to provide telehealth solutions, but also increased competition and spending in digital media channels.

Simply put, many of your patients have become more digitally savvy, and your competition probably has too.

One of the keys to success in 2021 is a well-built digital marketing strategy. It can provide alignment with your team, clarity in your messaging and prioritization of your marketing tactics.

To help with your planning, here are 10 questions that can help you build the foundation of any digital marketing strategy.

1. What are our practice goals?

Think of your goals as your overall desires and consider your strategy for how to get what you want. Don’t overthink your goals, and don’t set too many, or you may not achieve any of them.

Example: “Get enough new patients to add another physician to the practice.”

2. What are specific, measurable outcomes to reach those practice goals?

Your objectives should have measurable results. Objectives that are too lofty aren’t really objectives; they’re goals.

Example: “Add 15 patients per month.”

3. Who’s our competition?

While this may seem like a straightforward question, telehealth has changed this dramatically. You may no longer be competing against only the physicians and practices in your area — telehealth competitors from other locations or national brands are now likely going after the same patients.

In addition, for some medical specialties, if you have expanded lines of service — like orthopedics and pain management — you’re really competing in multiple categories.

4. How is our practice really different?

This is perhaps the most difficult question to answer. Many medical practices don’t answer it at all, or they rely solely on physician credentials to differentiate themselves. While physician credentials are key, many patients said they would switch providers because of factors like safety and access (download required).

Don’t fall into the “better” trap when thinking about differentiation. Think about the treatments you offer, your patient experience and even the point of view you have on the category.

Topic Discussed: Build Your 2021 Medical Practice Marketing Strategy With 10 Questions

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