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Beginner SEO Tactics

Beginner SEO Tactics for Small Businesses

Topic: Beginner SEO Tactics for Small Businesses

Running a small business is quite demanding, and there is always something else that needs to be done. While some things can stay on the to-do list, these beginner SEO tactics are not one of them. They are a must to help put any small business on the map, and we will discuss them here briefly.

1. Utilizing Google My Business

Properly utilizing Google My Business (GMB) is a crucial SEO tactic. In essence, GMB is the listing that appears on the Google search results page on the right-hand column when a business name is searched for. When this feature is used well, it can determine if a business shows up in the top three local results when broader search terms are used.

2. Accumulating Online Reviews

Online reviews lend an air of credibility and are important in terms of ranking. Encouraging and facilitating the review process can greatly improve the SEO ranking of any business or website. Reviews can take place via Google, LinkedIn, an industry-specific database, and so forth.

3. Updated Location and Contact Information

If your business has a physical location, it is important to keep this updated, along with your contact information. Not only should this be up to date, but it should also be easy for consumers to locate.

4. Creating a Geo-Relevant Portfolio

Inserting location information into your virtual portfolio will help your business come up in local search results. You can also insert other agencies and their location in your geo-relevant portfolio so that search results will be more relevant.

5. Generating Geo-Relevant Content

While portfolios are incredibly important, so is generating geo-relevant content. Referencing local cities and municipalities is a great SEO tactic and can help search results be more relevant to the task at hand.

6. Up to Date Directories

Make sure your business is listed in a variety of directories and that the information is up to date. This includes Google My Business, Yelp, your local chamber of commerce, anything industry-specific, and more. This will help individuals locate you easily and contact you when needed.

Key Takeaway

Search engine optimization tactics can be quite specialized and may need to be outsourced in some cases. However, there are certain things that every business should do to increase their SEO ranking, including using Google My Business, accumulating online reviews, making sure information is up to date and accessible, providing geo-relevant information where applicable, and listing businesses in multiple directories.

Topic Discussed: Beginner SEO Tactics for Small Businesses