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Are you using patient feedback to shape behavior in your practice?

Topic: Are you using patient feedback to shape behavior in your practice?

Surveys and reviews are very useful tools to help practices thrive. Practices use them to help them to showcase their excellence, stand out from the crowd, improve SEO, and increase website and in-office conversions. But, are you using your reviews to affirm and guide your practitioners and staff?

Our founder, Marie Olesen, actively manages a large cosmetic plastic surgery and medical spa in California, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa. She began sharing ratings and reviews with her practice team in 2011 after she founded realpatientratings.com.

By sharing the reviews and calibrating patient feedback against practice values, she helps surgeons, providers and staff gain insight into what’s important to patients. With the benefit of the shared feedback, the team both improves patient experiences and improves ratings for the practice, provider and procedures.

Marie is using surveys and reviews to directly and effectively shape behavior in her practice, improve the patient experience, and increase conversions. We asked Marie to share the type of notes she sends to her team every week: Her comments go to a group email that includes surgeons, providers, and clinical staff, including O.R. and administrative staff. If there are negative reviews about treatment outcomes from disappointed patients, she shares those only with the surgeon or provider.

She is sharing several reviews per provider received this month, October 2020.

La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Lori Saltz, MD (LHS)

We’ve been getting very positive reviews about our virtual consults. Here are two for LHS and Ruth. Putting patients at ease via Zoom isn’t easy so I’m really happy to see how pleased these patients are. It could have been so different and much more difficult, but it’s working wonderfully. Congratulations.

In the second review, the patient was so happy that she didn’t feel the need to continue her shopping process. I think it’s a real testament to the quality of the connection despite a virtual appointment. Yeah, team!

Johan Brahme, MD

Another virtual consult review, this one for JEB, that achieved a lot –

“Put me at ease

Answered all my questions

Made me feel confident I’m in good hands”

That’s fabulous. Congratulations.

Google Reviews

It’s not always easy to get cosmetic patients to go public on Google. We receive a number of 5-star ratings, but often without content as in the first rating below. While we’re glad Dr. Brahme received 5-stars, such ratings without reviews are not as helpful to prospective patients.

By contrast, here’s a Google review that will really help other patients. I’m always thankful when a patient with a more private procedure publishes publicly. I think it’s a testament to how much they like Dr. Brahme. This lady is a “raving fan”.

Another 5-star Google review for JEB and the nursing team that is “always available and ready to help….” I’m always happy when a returning patient provides a review and references previous experiences. It’s so helpful for prospective patients to read reviews from returning patients. It transfers the trust.

John D. Smoot, FACS (JDS)

This is a wonderful example of teamwork. Shelley helped this patient be comfortable instantly. The patient also speaks of JDS transferring his calm to her. This enabled her to focus on sharing her goals with JDS and speaks of appreciating his honesty and transparency. That’s a lot to achieve in a consult. Yeah, team!

patient feedback

This patient validates all we try to do – both professionally and emotionally. She affirms surgeon quality but references the team that is a great part of her experience. Love that JDS and the team made her “feel very assured and comfortable at each and every appointment.”

Google Reviews

Fabulous and funny Google review for JDS – so real and helpful to other patients! This is delightful and any prospective patient reading it knows a real patient wrote it. You can’t make this up! Secondly, it demonstrates quality over time and multiple patient experiences which is so helpful to a prospective patient reading reviews and such a validation of all of our efforts.

Hector Salazar-Reyes, MD, FACS (HSR)

What I love in the first review is all the affirmation for the team, especially PC efforts and organization. Whenever a patient mentions a nurse’s name, you know that the nurse, in this case Carmen, has had a strong impact on the patient. Kudos to HSR for bedside manner and outcome!

These private comments contain lots of affirmation for HSR consult. Again, love that word “Comfortable”. I don’t think a patient can make a decision or even hear what we’re saying if they are un-comfortable.

La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa

Lauren Amico Reed, PA-C, MMS

As so many of Lauren’s patients are returning patients, here are a couple of nice commentaries on her professionalism and ability to produce great outcomes. One patient who speaks about her respect for Lauren and their ability to communicate well. Nice for prospective patient to see these kinds of reviews that contain recommendations for Lauren.

Brittany Haley, RN, BSN Medical Spa

Two reviews for Brittany.

We know that kindness and professionalism are important and the first review says the Single Best Thing was customer service, a welcome compliment that validates our efforts and philosophy.  Love the word comfortable which I highlighted.

4-star review: This patient speaks of that other greatly sought outcome, “feel good”!   Why this is a 4-star is anyone’s guess.  Fortunately, we have a small percent of these and they do contribute to the credibility of the 5s.  It sounds like a 5 to me! Thanks, Brittany.

Julia Jowett, PA-C MSHS, Medical Spa

First, two 5-star reviews for Julia. Both are short and sweet but hit the high points. Both are happy with their results and Julia’s great bedside manner! Love the first gal’s Single Best Thing — “all of it”! That’s what we like. Thank you, Julia.

This third longer review will be very helpful to anyone considering Julia AND is affirmation for Julia about how much patients respond to her own values of personal concern and clinical quality. For someone considering Laser resurfacing or any procedure, this review is reassuring about the process – both as to follow up care and dealing with healing concerns, if needed.

Cameron Vessey, Licensed Aesthetician, Medical Spa

A new title for Cameron! Facial Fairy Godmother! Love it! And see Single Best Thing? The patient rates Cameron and LJCSC the BEST!

Kara Pennington, PA-C, MMS, Medical Spa

This review affirms quality, which helps Kara build her practice – not only is this patient coming back, but she’s telling her friends. Congratulations, Kara!

This review validates attitudes and professionalism but also recognizes and appreciates our Covid safeguards.

This is a great review for Kara from a first time patient who “can’t wait to return”. What a great new patient experience. She enjoyed the process, Kara herself and loves the result. All this leads naturally to the desire to return! It’s a win-win where we are making the most of the opportunity to treat a new patient. Congratulations, Kara.

Khanh Nguyen, FNP-C, Medical Spa

This is a great 5-star review on many fronts for Khanh. Within “professionalism” are both the outcome and the bedside manner. He delivered on both. Her comment about him being in sync with her desire to have a great outcome, but helping her have realistic expectations is also very important for patients who will read this review. Congratulations, Khanh.

5-star for Khanh noting his willingness to answer questions and produce a great outcome. In some ways, I find it sad that the Single Best Thing is that he was nice! You would think patients would expect that, not find it amazing…wonder where she’s been going.

This is a really great review for Khanh and expresses the LJCSC difference so well. Khanh administered her treatment better than her experience at other spas and also charged less than she expected for a correction from another facility. Yeah, Khanh. THANK YOU! Experiences like these help us build a reputation for quality and trustworthiness.

Topic Discussed: Are you using patient feedback to shape behavior in your practice?