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Are Unhappy Patients a Blessing or a Curse?

Topic: Are Unhappy Patients a Blessing or a Curse

Are Unhappy Patients a Blessing or a Curse

Turning Negative Feedback into Positive Results

Do you believe in 100% satisfaction? Or do you acknowledge that all of us have some unhappy patients? We are humans, not machines. Everyone makes mistakes.

  1. Your first option is to dispute the mistake (a.k.a. not-so-great patient review) and pretend it never happened or, even worse, claim it was false.
  2. Your second option is to embrace the feedback. As painful or as costly as the mistake was, you can make it meaningful by learning from it.

At Vizium360™, we encourage our members to use their occasional negative feedback positively. Our early alert feature gives patients the option to communicate privately with the practice, provider, or facility they are rating before going public with a negative review.

Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
— Bill Gates

Data from more than 6 million responses we’ve garnered through our verified patient survey process validates this approach. When healthcare organizations and providers listen to patients and resolve their concerns, they enjoy better business outcomes in both retention and referral.

Patients who experience a problem and are Highly Satisfied with the practice’s resolution of the problem are more likely to recommend and to remain for future services.Are Unhappy Patients a Blessing or a Curse

Listening to Patient Feedback Pays

It’s very expensive to acquire customers and even more costly to lose them. Let your patients tell you the small details that, if corrected, accelerate conversion, retention and referrals.

To learn more about using patient feedback to improve profitability, please contact our Vizium360 team.

Topic Discussed: Are Unhappy Patients a Blessing or a Curse