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5 Powerful Tactics

5 Powerful Tactics for Repurposing Content as Video

Topic: 5 Powerful Tactics for Repurposing Content as Video

When it comes to high-performing marketing content, video wins hands-down. A recent Wyzowl poll found that consumers are twice as likely to share a video with a friend than they are to share any other type of content. Some 84 percent said that video had convinced them to purchase a product, and 79 percent believe that video has convinced them to download an app or a piece of software.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed video consumption even higher, as people stuck at home have turned to online video for entertainment. During 2020, Wyzowl found that consumers enjoyed an average of 18 hours per week of online video, which is two more hours per week than 2019 and nearly eight more hours per week than 2017.

Marketers are already aware of the power of video, with 68 percent saying that visual content is either very important or crucial to their brand, according to a Venngage report. As ROI from video continues to rise, even businesses that previously neglected it are jumping on the video bandwagon. But with so many brands publishing video, the noise is deafening.

Producing new content that can cut through the chaos sucks up both time and resources. Some 65 percent of the marketing teams surveyed by Venngage said that they regularly spend more than two hours per week producing visual content, and 20 percent said that they invest more than ten hours. At the same time, close to a third say that less than 10 percent of their marketing budget is available for this purpose.

With marketing teams under pressure to produce appealing and engaging video content with limited resources, it’s crucial to find low-cost and smart ways to punch above your weight. Here are five tips to help you get more mileage out of existing content by repurposing it in video format.


For most of human history, we’ve been in love with hearing a good story. Slideshow video is a medium in which the narrative reigns supreme. It’s like turning an illustrated book into an audio-video format so that the viewer hears your tale while watching a shifting series of images that illustrate and add depth to the narrative.

Brand storytelling is marketers’ favorite way to use video, so this is an ideal way to repurpose top-performing blog posts that tell the story of your brand and your value proposition.

Most of the work in this format involves coming up with a great script, but you’ll already have all the content, style and information at your fingertips. Just don’t convert top blog posts too soon – allow some time for them to drive traffic in text format first, so you know for sure that you’ve got a video-worthy asset on your hands.

Topic Discussed: 5 Powerful Tactics for Repurposing Content as Video

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