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Cosmetic Surgery

4 Reasons Cosmetic Surgery Interest Is On The Rise

Topic: 4 Reasons Cosmetic Surgery Interest Is On The Rise

Let’s face it, pandemic times are weird and scary. Yes, some are dealing with major health issues. COVID dominates the news and the vast majority are trying to stay safe while socially distancing and wearing masks. As we sit at home, some are starting to think about the possibility of using this time in a way they may not have considered before.

As we look into 2021 and read exciting news about viable vaccinations, we can start to daydream about a time in the hopefully-near-future when Zoom meetings will give way to in-person gatherings, masks will become a memory, and we will say goodbye to social distancing. Some are acutely aware that right now, masks and Zoom hide a lot of things we’ve been happy to keep covered up. When we can all reemerge, many people are hoping to look and feel better than ever.

“As medical professionals, we have not promoted cosmetic surgery since many people have had to deal with so many challenges during these unusual and difficult times,” says Dr. Phillip Langsdon of The Langsdon Clinic in Memphis. “However, many individuals have surprised us by seeking cosmetic surgery in unprecedented numbers.”

Dr. Don Griffin of Nashville Cosmetic Surgery agrees, having experienced the same rise in interest for his services. “We respect the fact that so many are facing an uncertain future, and cosmetic surgery is a luxury purchase,” he says. “At the same time, we have found that many people are taking advantage of [the] downtime to focus on self-care and self-improvement.”

If you have toyed with the idea of cosmetic surgery in the past, here are four reasons why now may be the perfect time.

1. Time to Heal

Working from home, minimal socializing, and restricted travel have freed up time for both cosmetic procedures and the healing period that follows. In fact, without their usual social or work schedules, patients have found it much easier to fit recovery time into their plans. According to Dr. Griffin, mothers, in particular, have found it a great time to pursue cosmetic procedures since spouses are home to tend to the children while they heal, and the kids themselves have far fewer outings that require Mom as a chauffeur.

In addition to having help during the healing period, Dr. Lauren Yarholar of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine points out that a less busy schedule, which allows for a more peaceful recovery period, is beneficial to the body’s healing ability as well. “A normal schedule of activities often leads to the stress, swelling and inflammation that delays healing,” she explains. “Rest and recovery at home alleviate stress, and the pandemic is ensuring that we have plenty of time at home.”

Topic Discussed: 4 Reasons Cosmetic Surgery Interest Is On The Rise

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