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A team creating value for health care organizations and providers, and helping them implement strategic initiatives to their patients.

Ben Colman


Ben has spent his career creating value for health care organizations and providers, and helping them implement strategic initiatives to deliver greater value to their patients.

Prior to his role with Vizium360®, he was, for ten years, President and CEO of Women’s Health New York, and Senior Vice President of Women’s Health, USA, a management services organization providing a full suite of management services and backend operational support to over 500 Ob-Gyns in five states. In 2017, he participated in the sale of the company to Sverica, a private equity firm.

He brings comprehensive healthcare experience and a 360 degree perspective, having worked across many healthcare segments:

  • Provider: MSOs, IPAs, large single and multi-specialty “super” groups, hospital systems, ASCs
  • Payor: commercial and government
  • Data/technology: multiple EHR and billing platforms, data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Management consulting: strategy, process, and change management

Earlier in his career, Ben held several senior industry positions, serving as Second Vice President at Travelers, Inc., and Regional Executive Director, Northeast Operations, and Regional Director, Healthcare Management Strategic Initiatives for Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield. He has extensive management consulting experience including positions as a partner at Telapath Consulting, and as a Manager at Accenture. Ben earned degrees from The University of Oslo and The University of Hartford.

Ben was attracted to Vizium360® because, consistent with his background, he sees a much broader use of the technology and how it can help improve the patient experience across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Marie Olesen

Founder & Chief Patient Experience Officer

Marie has dedicated her career to, “helping good doctors take better care of patients”. She had an epiphany in 1988; she couldn’t help the doctors without patient feedback. For the next six years, she implemented numerous patient care and communication systems to fulfill patient needs in her own practice, La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre. Soon colleagues across the country wanted to adopt Marie’s approach. In 1994, she created the first CRM software for cosmetic surgery, Inform&Enhance®, and founded Inform Solutions, a consulting group that helped hundreds of practices deliver better patient experiences and significantly improve business outcomes. Inform was acquired by Mentor, a division of Johnson & Johnson in 2003.

Along the way, Marie realized that “patients needed help finding the good doctors”. With her husband, R. Merrel Olesen, MD, she co-authored Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies in 2004, to help consumers navigate the complexities of finding and selecting a physician. In 2011, seeing burgeoning consumer use of ratings and reviews, Marie launched RealPatientRatings®, now a component of Vizium360®. In recognition of her seminal work in technology to enhance patient satisfaction, Marie joined the Advisory Board of The Center For Services Leadership, at the William P. Carey School of Business at ASU.

Marie’s focus has been on “retail” medicine where, for decades, patient satisfaction has been a critical component of practice success. Being able to transfer and apply that knowledge and experience to other specialties where patient satisfaction is ever more critical, expected and rewarded, as it has been in aesthetic surgery for years, augments Vizium360’s mission.

Our Advisors

Dr. Peter Farrell

Peter C. Farrell, PhD, DSc, AM

Peter is the founder and chairman of the board of ResMed ($2.07B annual sales), which produces devices to treat sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing. In addition to his own formidable career, he regularly mentors startup companies in both medicine and technology.

Among his many awards worldwide are: 1998 San Diego Entrepreneur of the Year for Health Sciences, Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in 2001 and US National Entrepreneur of the Year for Health Sciences in 2005. Peter joined the Executive Council of the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School in 1998.

ResMed and the Farrell Family Foundation have given millions to education, health, human welfare and the arts.

Thomas C. Lund

Tom is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lund Capital Group and is widely known for revolutionizing the use of data in marketing. He is credited worldwide with many technical and creative innovations in the database marketing industry. His company, Customer Development Corporation (CDC), specialized in database management and marketing for financial institutions and companies nationally and internationally.

Tom continues his incredible entrepreneurial career owning and investing in multiple companies. Nonetheless, he still makes time to mentor emerging companies about data and customer insight.

He received the coveted “High-Tech Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Entrepreneur Magazine in the 90s. Tom and his wife, Carol, are nationally-recognized philanthropists known for their vision and values.

Henry (Hank) L. Nordhoff

Hank is chairman and CEO of San Diego’s Banyan Biomarkers, a developer of tests for traumatic brain injuries. He has wide ranging biotech experience, and is best known for taking Gen-Probe (developed tests to detect AIDS virus in blood) from a small San Diego biotech firm to its purchase by Hologic for $3.7 billion in 2012.

In addition to his own distinguished career, he has a passion for growing businesses, mentoring startups and small companies.

Hank recently became chairman of the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute’s board of trustees. He is a former chairman of the California Healthcare Institute and has a long history of serving and donating to community organizations.